The admin panel is the area on your website through which you edit the content and functionality of your website. Your admin panel will be branded and customized to fit your website management needs.
The Adobe Creative Suite is a collection of software commonly used for website design and development. The most popular software in the Adobe Creative Suite includes Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and Dreamweaver. You may visit their website here.
Advertising is the form of communication evoked when persuading a particular group, often targeted customers, to perform a specific action such a purchasing a product or conforming to an ideal.
To use your website most effectively, you need to know how much traffic your website is receiving, where the traffic is originating, what pages are being viewed, what people are searching and what links are being clicked. Each website comes equipped with an analytics platform intended to display this information in your administration dashboard.
Anchor text is the readable portion of a hyperlink. For instance, a company may have a link to their website that reads the company’s name (Apogee Design Systems). The company’s name is the anchor text.
The Apogee is the greatest distance an object will reach from the focal point of its elliptical orbit.
Taking phone calls and answering streams of email to make a simple appointment can be incredibly time consuming and prevent you from accomplishing more important tasks. Integrating an online form through which your customers may book appointments is a simple method of streamlining this process and freeing more of your time.
aWeber is a popular email marketing software company featuring newsletters, customizable website sign up forms, auto-responders, and performance tracking. You may visit their website here.
Bing is the second most popular search engine and twenty-second most visited website world-wide with approximately 165 billion unique monthly users. You may visit their website here.
Bitcoin is a virtual, currently unregulated currency that may be exchanged for goods and services through online outlets.
Whether you have a special interest or want to publish content for search engine ranking purposes, each website we build comes with blog capabilities. We use the WordPress blogging platform that is easily customizable to fit your specific needs, topic and category structure, and ranks well in search engines.
Branding is the embodiment of a business’s personality, identity, and the feelings evoked when it’s name, logo, sales materials, or any other information identifiable to the company is seen. Have you ever noticed that when you see red and yellow, you immediately think of the golden arches? Or have you ever experienced a calming sensation from seeing blue and white tones in a logo? Billions of dollars have been spent researching the use and affects of colors, shapes, and fonts in logos and other branding materials. Much can be gleaned from what Fortune 100 companies choose to integrate into their branding, but they don’t have to be the only one’s to take advantage of their research. Individuals, small businesses, and corporations alike may all make use of effective, consistent branding. Starting with the logo and continuing through the sale and customer service, your brand is a part of every stage of the business process.
A browser is a software application that retrieves data from the Internet and presents the information in website form. The most popular browsers are Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.
A business card is a convenient tool used to provide quickly an individual’s or business’s relevant contact information.
A web cache is the temporary storage of files such as web pages and images to increase speed and performance of the website being viewed. The cache also serves to decrease the amount of bandwidth being used and reduce strain on the server that is hosting the website. When editing a website or blog post, it is recommended to clear the cache frequently. Some browsers categorize this function under ‘browsing data.’
A marketing campaign is a strategically selected group of tasks that will be performed over a specific duration in order to increase traffic to a website. Common types of marketing campaigns are search engine optimization campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, social media campaigns, and email marketing campaigns.
Categorizes are a function in the WordPress dashboard that allows the user to group together related posts and display them accordingly on the website. Categories make it easier for the end user to find relevant content when visiting a business’s website.
Cause Marketing is a promotion or campaign that promises to donate proceeds from the campaign, in whole or in part, to a charity, organization, field of study, or other type of cause.
Child pages are the second tier of pages located in the menu of a website. The first tier, or the most prominently listed pages on a website, are called parent pages. Child pages are used to categorize or go into more detail on major points made on the parent page. For example, a child page might be a page or group of pages dedicated to describing each individual service a company offers under the ‘Services’ parent page.
Chrome is Google’s free web browser and is currently the most used browser in the world with approximately 39% share. It is used most widely in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. Recently, Google has begun offering their Chromebook that operates on the cloud through the Chrome browser. You may visit their website here.
The ‘Cloud’ is the name given to the process of storing data remotely instead of on the user’s local computer or server. Users typically access data through a web browser, mobile application, or desktop application by creating an account and signing in. The data is hosted on a server or group of servers in one or more remote locations.
A comment is a response left on a blog, social media platform, or other forum. Good comments reinforce or disagree with the host topic, or might also bring up a related point not mentioned previously. Bad comments and spam are disinteresting or unrelated, and used frequently to direct traffic to a third party website.
Constant Contact is an email marketing company with features such as customizable templates, list management, social media integration, reporting, event promotion, and polling. You may visit their website here.
Content is the information presented on a website. Content may be presented in text, photographic, video, or audio form. Common content on a website includes information about the company, its products or services, contact information, location and hours, and photographs of the staff or products.
Content encryption is the process of protecting the text, photos or videos used on your website. Those who might primarily consider content encryption are those in creative industries such as those with extensive display of design or galleries, or those with extensive, informative content through a blog, research, tutorials, white papers, and other resources. Content encryption ensures no one surfing the Internet will be able to steal your research, photos, or other content through screen capture, copy and paste, or any other method. Content may still be made searchable through major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as the search function included on the website.
A content management system is an interface through which an individual or group may make changes to a website without editing the code. A CMS frequently contains editable fields through which the user may add text, photos, or videos to pages or posts on the website, as well as manage settings and plug-ins that add extra features to the website. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento are commonly used content management systems.
Content Marketing is a form of communication with a readership base through which an author creates a wealth of articles containing quality information on a relevant topic to be distributed over a specific duration of time. High quality content is a core component of many search engine optimization, social media, and email marketing campaigns.
Consulting is the process of advising an individual or group on how to best utilize resources in order to accomplish a specific task, objective, or goal.
Each website we design contains a basic contact form through which customers can contact the company though much more can be communicated through contact forms. If you have registration forms, collect information for new customers, or have online applications, these can all be fluently embedded into the website for easy submission and collection of information.
It can be difficult and time consuming to generate the content that will appear on your website. While we require assistance in some areas such as information about your company and the products or services you provide, we can write content for the rest of the website in such a way that encourages your customers to take action on the information they consume.
A cover image is the photo seen at the top of a Facebook profile or fan page. A cover image is used to portray relevant information about the person or company who owns the page. For example, the cover image found on our Facebook page displays three of the websites we have developed as seen from the screen of a desktop, tablet and smartphone.
The Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that provides media for personal and commercial use free of charge.You may visit their website here.
CSS is the language used to dictate the look, feel, and formatting of a document written in a markup language such as HTML. The two functions are separately commonly to reduce complexity of use and because CSS may be applied to multiple documents or pages at the same time.
Design broadly refers to the process of creating the visual, aesthetic pieces of a website including creating the color scheme, choosing fonts, determining the arrangement of information on the page, and other subtle visual effects.
Development broadly refers to the process of coding website pages and adding and formatting content.
The domain name is an Internet address, commonly of a website. For example, our domain name is ‘‘. The last part of the domain (in this example, it is ‘com’) is called the ‘top level domain.’
Domain registration is the process of purchasing an Internet address for your business’s website. Common domain registrars, the company through which you purchase the domain, include and
A display broadly refers to a device that has the ability to present digitally transmitted information on a screen. Computer monitors, televisions, and calculators are examples.
The draft button on your page or post dashboard provides you with the ability to save a work in progress before publishing. If you are uninspired, get distracted, or are otherwise unable to complete your post or page, you may simply save as a draft and finish it later.
Dreamweaver is a popular web development application in the Adobe Creative Suite. It includes a code and WYSIWYG editor to allow the user to simply navigate large strings of code.
Drupal is a popular open source content management system released in 2001. It’s most recent release was Drupal 7 in 2011. It is a widely used CMS for personal and professional uses. The website for the White House was developed in Drupal.You may visit their website here.
An e-commerce website is one through which a company sells a service package, product or products online. In combination with online marketing, e-commerce websites are an excellent method to automate the sales process and increase revenues. Since e-commerce stores require payment gateways and inventories might range from multiple of the same product, a variety of handmade products, or thousands of products stored in a database and warehouse, the needs of each customer seeking an e-commerce website are addressed on a per-case basis. Payment gateways may include basic payment processing through PayPal or more advanced processing through companies such as
Whether you want more people to read your blog or you want to reward your customer base with the most up-to-date announcements, events, and specials you have to offer, e-mail marketing is an excellent method of staying in contact with your most loyal customers. All websites include an e-mail opt-in for your users to subscribe to your e-mail list. Once subscribed, you have a direct pipeline to your customers’ inbox.
All websites should contain some form of lead capture whether it is through a basic contact form, email opt-in, widget, or pop-up. Many customers who regularly post new blogs and those who have multiple lead capture microsites utilize the email opt-in to gather the names and email addresses of those who frequent the website or want additional information. Also, Lead Capture.
Whether your business advertises specials, events, and discounts, or you are part of an organization that needs to communicate events to your community, events calendars can be used to fill different needs. Calendars can be customized to allow multiple users and can notify designated parties when new events are listed.
The Exchange Server is a mail, calendar, and contact management platform developed by Microsoft the runs on the Windows operating system. The term may be used more broadly to apply to similar platforms.
Facebook is the most popular social network and second most popular website in the world behind After its founding in 2004, Facebook went public in 2012 and currently maintains over 1 billion users.You may visit their website here.
A favicon, short for ‘favorites icon’, is the small image seen in a browser tab next to the title of the webpage. Most companies use a small version of their logo, typically 16 by 16 px.
The featured image on your page or post dashboard provides you the ability to select a photo that will be prominently positioned on the post and on previews of the post.
Features refer to the different pieces of functionality and benefits offered in reference to your website.
Firefox is a popular open source web browser developed by Mozilla. It is the third most popular browser behind Chrome and Internet Explorer and is the most popular browser used in Africa and parts of Europe.You may visit their website here.
A font is the typeface used to display alphanumeric characters in a document or other use. Fonts frequently reflect different styling, kerning, weight, slope, and size.
FourSquare is a mobile social networking platform that allows users to ‘check in’ to an establishment. Users are rewarded points and frequently compete with friends to accumulate the most check-ins. The user with the most check-ins at a given establishment is dubbed the ‘mayor’. You may visit their website here.
A framework is a prebuilt platform intended to simplify development of a website, software application, content management system, or other application.
Functionality refers to the different processes built into a website or other application.
Google is the most popular search engine and most used website in the world. Enough said.
Google + is the social network created by Google in 2011 with about 500 million users. Their goal was to create a social layer to their other services. You may visit their website here.
Google Adsense is Google’s advertising platform which targets the content of the website being viewed to display relevant advertisements. You may visit their website here.
Google Adwords is the most advanced pay-per-click engine in the world. Users may select to advertise their website when users search for specific terms on search engines. Pay-per-click ads are most frequently seen to the right, above, and below organic search results on search engine results pages (SERPs). You may visit their website here.
Also, Google Local and Google Places. While not every business or organization has a bricks and mortar location, those who do can easily show their customers where they are located through embedding Google Maps into their website. Google Maps also may be programmed to provide directions from a specific location entered by the customer to the store location.
Graphic design is the process of developing a company’s brand. From the logo, business cards, sales materials, signs, and so on, good graphic design delivers a strong, consistent message to your customers, communicating your company identity, ideas, and personality. When someone hands you a cheap business card, it reflects poorly on the company. If a company won’t spend the money to present a professional appearance, you subconsciously know they won’t spend the money necessary to provide a quality product or service. It’s important to understand the feelings evoked when speaking to potential customers. Professional graphic design is a small price to pay for the confidence that your customers will respond positively when they step in your store or you present them with your business card or other sales materials. Common graphic design requests include: business cards, sales brochures, flyers, letterhead, envelopes, banners, signs, vehicle wraps, invoice, email and receipt templates, apparel, info-graphics and social media skins.
A hashtag is a word or phrase prefaced by the symbol ‘#’ which is intended to provide the subject being referenced in a post on some social networks. The hashtag is a method by which to calculate the number of times a particular subject is referenced, its popularity at a given time, and as a means to promote a particular subject. Some companies use hashtags to promote social media campaigns.
In reference to websites, hosting is what makes a website accessible through the Internet. Without hosting, a website is nothing but text documents and folders full of images. The hosting acts to store and transmit this data into a form that can be displayed on a web address.
HTML, or hypertext markup language, is the most commonly used language for developing websites. Almost all websites utilize HTML in one form or another. For websites built with HTML, the beginning of the website code starts withand ends with. Most HTML codes follow the same pattern including the slash which signifies the end of a command. You may see some commonly used commands on our Helpful HTML Codes page.
Internet Message Access Protocol, or IMAP, allows an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird to access email from a remote server. IMAP allows access to email while online and offline and multiple clients may be granted access to the mailbox at the same time. Typically when a message is read or deleted on the email client, it remains untouched on the actual server.
Infographics are a representation of information in visual, graphic form. Infographics are commonly used to display data, structure, or patterns within a given set of information.
Instagram is a social network dedicated to sharing and filtering of photos. They have over 100 million active users on both iOS and Android platforms. They were purchased in 2012 by Facebook for approximately $1 billion. You may visit their website here.
Internet Explorer, or IE, is the second most widely used browser to Chrome, and the most widely used browser in the United States. IE is the default browser on most Windows based operating systems, and it is also provided by Microsoft. Internet Explorer 11 was released in 2013 forcing many to update older versions of IE. They are known for their security vulnerabilities and inability to support newer versions of programming languages. You may visit their website here.
A website’s inventory are the products being sold on the website. Inventories frequently contain relevant information about the product or service being sold such as a photo, description, price, quantity, SKU, and shipping options.
Joomla is an open source content management system that was released in 2005. It is used most commonly as a website and blog management platform. They released version 3.1 in 2013.You may visit their website here.
A keyword is a word or phrase related to a particular topic that is commonly searched on search engines. Online marketing campaigns typically begin with keyword research and selection.
Keyword research is the process of identifying the words and phrases related to a particular topic most commonly searched on search engines. The most common resource for conducting keyword research is Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool.
Launch refers to the process of completing development, final troubleshooting, and the publishing of a new website.
All websites should contain some form of lead capture whether it is through a basic contact form, email opt-in, widget, or pop-up. Many customers who regularly post new blogs and those who have multiple lead capture microsites utilize the email opt-in to gather the names and email addresses of those who frequent the website or want additional information. Also, Email Opt-In.
LinkedIn is a social media network geared towards professionals seeking to display their professional skills and accomplishments and to network to expand their connections for purposes of leads, jobs, hiring, and recommendations. You may visit their website here.
For businesses who offer ongoing support services to their customers, live chat can be a method by which you may support multiple customers at the same time and free up the phone lines for other purposes. Especially for customers who hate waiting on the phone, live chat can provide an alternative while allowing your customers to work while they wait.
Local development is the stage of the website development process during which we build the website on our own computers before migrating the website to live hosting where it can be viewed publicly.
To provide a cohesive statement that does not confuse your customers, it is imperative to maintain consistent branding throughout the website and other sales materials. A logo provides a visual representation of the personality of your business, the service you provide, and portrays a definitive message to your customers.
Lorum Ipsum is a made-up language used by developers as a place holder for website content while in the design stages.
Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to potential customers.
The menu is the list of pages and subpages on a website’s navigation bar.
Metadata is categorical information frequently used in data storage. The meta title, meta description, and meta keywords are used to more quickly locate the topic of the information stored by search engines.
A microsite is a website frequently used to drive traffic to a primary site. Microsites usually contain some form of lead capture and may be used to boost search engine rankings of the primary website.
If your company seeks to have a more interactive connection with your customers, a mobile application might be appropriate for you. Mobile apps allow you to enhance the user’s experience with your brand and improve customer loyalty. Mobile apps can be programmed to deliver content, schedule appointments, reward loyalty points, give directions, and a host of other features. More advanced mobile applications might also be developed for your company if you wish to receive mobile payments, include games, advanced media streaming, or increase mobile ad revenues. Mobile applications are different than mobile websites in that apps are hosted on the phone itself while websites must connect to the Internet to display relevant information.
Smartphones and tablets are considered mobile devices. Generally, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms are the most popular operating systems. Blackberry, Windows, Motorola, and a number of other companies also manufacture mobile devices.
A mobile website is different than a normal website or responsive website in that a mobile website detects the device from which its being viewed and must connect to the Internet to display relevant information. So when a user looks up a website on a smartphone, he will be redirected to the mobile website. A mobile website is meant to provide the most pertinent information for which mobile users would be searching. Typically a mobile user isn’t doing research from their phone, but instead looking to take immediate action on a decision. For this reason, a company would want to decipher what information they might provide specifically to mobile users. Examples of these mobile users might include those listening and responding to radio ads, those seeking immediate or emergency assistance, or those searching for the phone number, location, hours, or other relevant information while away from the desk.
A mock-up is an initial presentation of a website or other creative work to ensure understanding of aspects such as the overall design, page structure, and content arrangement.
MySQL is an open source database management system. Large amounts of data are stored and retrieved using MySQL and may be applied to websites and other types of data storage.
Having a professional, informative website is one thing, but if your customers cannot find it, you could have a problem attracting new business. There are many methods by which you may drive traffic to your website from radio, TV, and print ads to social media and online paid ads. Online marketing are the cumulative processes used to drive traffic to your website. Almost everyone knows the power of being ranked on the first page of search engines, but there are a multitude of methods that can be used to drive traffic. To have the greatest effect, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising and social media should be used in combination with search engine optimization, and other offline marketing mediums such as radio, TV, and print advertising. Depending on your business, you might choose a campaign with local or national concentration.
Onsite optimization is the process of developing, reviewing, or editing a website to be more easily found by search engines. Content, link structure, metadata composition, and appropriate use of keywords are common tasks performed during onsite optimization.
Open source is a philosophy that promotes the free sharing of information and source code of a given platform to be used by others for their own purposes. One of the primary benefits of using open source platforms is its value compared to the price paid for many proprietary versions of a similar platform. Most open source platforms are distributed under the GNU General Public License which allows users to modify and use the platforms as they desire.
Opera is the fourth most used browser in the world behind Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.You may visit their website here.
To best inform your customers, every good website requires a standard set of pages: About, Products or Services, and Contact. Each website comes equipped with these pages informing your customers about your business, the products or services you provide, and the best method of getting in contact with your business. In combination with these pages, basic websites should contain approximately 10-30 pages which may include individual product or service pages, pricing, testimonials, forms or applications, galleries, FAQ’s, or other relevant information.
A page view is a tally of each time a user visits a page on a website.
Parent pages are the first tier of pages located in the menu of a website. Popular parent pages would include ‘About’, ‘Services’, and ‘Contact’. Child pages are the second tier of pages in the menu and usually go into more detail about subjects covered on the parent pages.
PPC ads are the advertisements frequently seen above, below, and to the right of organic search results. Depending on your market, PPC might be the direction you would like to take with your marketing efforts. With PPC ads, you choose the keywords, and you only pay for the users who click through to your website from the advertisement.
A permanent link, or permalink, is the specific URL given to an article or blog post on a website commonly used to identify the article within the website’s archives or as an easier form of communicating the location to another person.
Photoshop is a popular graphics editing application in the Adobe Creative Suite. Photoshop files are saved with the extension of ‘.psd’ and are one of the most commonly transmitted types of design files among a group of collaborating designers.
PHP is a server-side programming language commonly used in web development for creating dynamic web content, scripting, and retrieving information from databases to display on the website.
Pinterest is a social network primarily used for photo sharing. Users may ‘pin’ photos from any website onto a ‘pinboard’ under their profile name. Pinterest is vastly more popular among females than males, and pinboards tend to revolve around topics such as arts and crafts, hobbies, clothes, animals, and landscapes.You may visit their website here.
In terms of web development, a plug-in is an extension integrated with a website to enhance usability of the website. Plug-ins do not operate externally of the website, but are developed specifically to reduce development time of a website. Plug-ins are commonly used for contact forms, events calendars, lead capture forms, and social media sharing among many others.
Post Office Protocol, or POP, is a method of retrieving email through an email client from an email server. POP is more straightforward than IMAP in that actions you take within the email client affect the status of the email on the email server.
A post is a single entry into a blog. A post may be composed of news, reporting, informative content, or many other types of content.
Preventative maintenance are the periodical measures taken to ensure proper function of a website over a long period of time. Preventative maintenance may include monitoring, website backups, content delivery network, caching, firewall, malware scanning, and updates to the content management system, other tools, security measures, and spam filters utilized on the website.
Within the website dashboard, the ‘preview’ button allows the author to view what a visitor of the website would see before publishing an article or other change being made to the website.
A privacy policy is a document found commonly on websites that disclose the means by which the users data is tracked, stored, and released.
Programming is the process of implementing an artificial language that directs instructions to a computer or other device.
Within a website dashboard, the ‘publish’ button is what officially posts an article or pushes a change made to a website.
A quick response code, or QR code, is a square barcode that may be scanned to display relevant information such as a website, instructions, video, and photos.
A referrer is the last website visited before a user moves to another website. Common referrers are social media sites and search engines.
A responsive website is one that detects the size of the screen from which it is being viewed and rearranges the content of the website to fit the screen. Regardless of the device from which the website is being viewed, the website looks fluent and well organized. With mobile Internet use poised to surpass desktop Internet use late in 2013, addressing mobile users through a responsive website is an excellent and affordable choice. Responsive website development includes the design of five or more style sheets, the part of the code that translates to the design aspects you actually see on a website: one each for the horizontal and vertical orientation of smartphones and tablets and one for desktop users.
Robots.txt is a file within a website that directs robots such as search engine crawlers where not to scan and index content for archival purposes. The sitemap, alternatively, directs robots where to scan and index content.
A Rich Site Summary Feed, or RSS Feed, is a standardized presentation of frequently released articles or blog posts. RSS feeds may be customized to display various data about the article including the full or summarized text, author, source, and date of publication.
Safari is the native iOS browser and was developed by Apple. It is the most widely used mobile browser, but only the fourth most widely used desktop browser. You may visit their website here.
Sales is the process of exchanging goods or services for compensation. It is different from marketing in that marketing is the process of presenting goods or services in the best light possible in order to capture sales.
A sales brochure is a pamphlet commonly the size of an 8.5×11″ trifold page used to inform people of a company, organization, goods or services.
In terms of blog posting, the ‘schedule’ button allows a content creator to assign a publication date and time of an article or post to a future date.
One of the most basic functions of a website is a search feature which allows you to quickly find the content you need. A search feature is common among inventories, extensive blogs, and documents. Simple search forms may be implemented for basic sites, but Google’s Custom Search may be implemented and limited to the specific website.
A search engine is a system of software designed to retrieve relevant content upon a specifically targeted keyword or group of words. The most popular search engines in America are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Search engine marketing is the process of promoting a website or group of websites through optimization of the website to be more easily found by search engines or through paid advertising.
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of ranking a website in Google’s search listing results. The process begins with targeted keyword research and discovering the exact terms users are searching to find your type of business. Promoting proper keyword density, generating and submitting quality content from your website, and ensuring your URL is listed across all online directories will generally give your website a boost in the rankings. Establishing a social media presence, as well as optimizing the code and content of your website will help solidify your position.
SERPs are the many pages of search results retrieved when a search is made on a search engine.
A server is a computer or collection of computers that serve to respond to requests across a network such as requesting access to view a website or access email.
A short code is an abbreviated version of a longer set of code, commonly used to ease front end publishing or as a substitute for frequently used, large blocks of code.
A sitemap is a list of pages accessible by people or search engines commonly viewed in a treelike form showing the hierarchy of the pages within the website.
A slider is a collection of photos, videos, or other content that appear in a slideshow fashion with timed increments between each slide.
Establishing your social media presence isn’t only important for SEO purposes. If you are seeking long-term, repeat customers, it’s important that you are managing your social media accounts. If you aren’t, the public probably is. Social Media is about establishing relationships with your customers through frequent interaction, asking questions, creating polls, asking for feedback, and distributing quality content.
Stock photography are the generic photos used on websites and in sales materials, sometimes used instead of hiring a photographer to take customized photos.
The stylesheet is the part of the website code separated from the markup that defines aesthetic components such as fonts, colors, and effects.
A tag is a relevant keyword or string of words that are discussed on a page or in a post.
A target demographic is the niche market you are attempting to reach with your business, products, or services.
Target metrics are the data sets with which you are most concerned regarding your website traffic. Metrics might include unique visitors, page views, comments, and subscriptions.
Targeting is the process of locating a niche marketing and adapting your business model in such a way to reach them.
A template is an outline or shell of a page or post that normally applies to multiple page types.
The text editor on a page or post allows the user to insert and utilize common HTML codes.
A theme is a generic, stock website template that is equipped with added features and functionality allowing use by beginners or reduced time in the development stages.
A tooltip is the text that pops up when the user hovers over a field in a contact form that usually gives more information regarding the field in question.
Troubleshooting is the process of reviewing a website to ensure proper functionality and minimal glitches in use performed prior to launch.
Twitter is a popular social network created in 2006 that allows users to post messages of fewer than 140 characters. It is commonly used as a micro-blogging platform, and it is the 12th most visited website in the world. You may visit their website here.
A unique user is a single person who visits a website. They are commonly identified by detecting the IP address and an additional qualifying agent such as a cookie or ID.
A user is a broad term describing a visitor to or user of a website.
The UI is the field between which humans and machines communicate and interact. UI’s are applied to operating systems, browsers, websites, and applications.
A user manual is a guide portraying each section of the administration dashboard and the steps required to make additions, changes, and removals for each aspect of the website that will need to be edited by the customer. A user manual maybe created in text or video form.
A user portal is the method through which employees, customers or other users may securely ‘sign in’ to a website to purchase products, review order statuses, contribute content, or a multitude of other functions. A user portal is used commonly in e-commerce stores or for websites with multiple employees requiring access. User permissions can be customized to restrict or grant access to different parts of the website.
Video marketing is the process of using video to positively portray a company, group, or organization.
With recent advances in technology, it has become easier and cheaper than ever to create quality video content for websites. When communicating with your customers, the rule of thumb is you should provide your information in such a way that requires as little physical action on the part of the consumer as possible. Introducing your company with a video requires only a single click. In addition to the basic introductory video, film commercials, training videos, and events are other popular tasks requiring video production.
A visitor is a broad term assigned to a person who views a webpage.
The visual editor is the area on the page or post dashboard where one can add or edit content while maintaining a similar view to what will be seen on the website after publishing.
Web 2.0 is broadly used to describe the advance in web development beyond static pages. Web 2.0’s may also apply to the wave of micro-blogging platforms that have arisen in recent years.
A web application is an application accessed via the Internet. Web applications are a popular alternative to mobile applications which are hosted on the mobile device. Web applications may be created as a portal for users and other common uses.
Website design is the process of drawing up the structure, navigation, arrangement, color scheme, and other visual aspects of a website before beginning development.
Website development is the process of coding and programming a website to complete its required functionality.
Management of a website is the process of applying changes or updates to design, content, blog, inventory, and other miscellaneous updates.
A website redesign is the process of integrating content and other aspects of an old website into a new website with added content, features, and functionality.
A widget is a small application with limited functionality that adds a common feature to a website. Widgets are typically platform specific and can be modified to a degree.
A wiki is a webpage that allows users to collaborate to discuss and spread awareness of a specific topic. is a popular free personal blogging platform. WordPress provides a domain name, hosting, and a website theme. is more limited in customization and flexibility compared to You may visit their website here. is a popular self-hosted blogging and website development platform. The user must purchase his own domain name and hosting, but may choose from themes or design his own. is more commonly used for business and marketing purposes. You may visit their website here.
WYSIWYG is an acronym for ‘What You See Is What You Get’ and is otherwise known as a visual editor. This allows a page or post editor to view the changes made to the website as they are being made.
Yahoo is the second most popular search engine and provides many services including email and news.You may visit their website here.
Yelp is a local search and review site. They are popular among retail, restaurants, and service businesses. You may visit their website here.
YouTube is a popular video sharing social network. Most content is user created.You may visit their website here.
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