• Client: Woodruff Family Dentistry
  • Category:Logos & Branding, Responsive Websites,

By John Jenks, August 15, 2012, 11:28 PM

Woodruff & Woodruff Family Dentistry knows the many benefits of a nice smile. It communicates warmth and does wonders for your self-confidence. That’s why they want your smile to look its absolute best. Visit their comfortable offices for quality dental care in a friendly environment. They provide services such as tooth whitening, implants, full mouth reconstruction, and cosmetic dentistry. Woodruff Family Dentistry was referred to us through a friend. They had a Yellow Pages website, but knew they needed something more professional with a clean design. They also wanted to add more descriptive content about their services, but they were limited by the plan they had through the Yellow Pages. We consulted with Woodruff Family Dentistry regarding their needs and agreed to develop a new, responsive website for them. We designed a straight-forward logo using their name and integrated new services and photos into a fresh design that could be viewed from any device. After optimizing their website for search engines, Woodruff Family Dentistry ranks first for dentists in Jonesboro. We also host and maintain their website.

Woodruff Family Dentistry