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Your website is your face to the online world, so it is vitally important to have a website consistent with your brand and company culture. Your potential customers analyze the quality of your website, and a sloppy website reflects poorly. From your perspective, a properly designed and informative website benefits you by generating leads, informing your customers, and increasing sales.

WordPress CMS

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We utilize a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress in our web design that is the most popular, flexible, and robust CMS available in the marketplace today. If you haven’t heard of WordPress, you aren’t alone. Over 19% of the most popular websites in the world operate on WordPress ensuring progress and stability for years to come.

Managed Hosting

Hosting & Backups - Apogee Design

All websites inherently require hosting and maintenance, but fees and efforts may vary greatly. Larger websites by size and traffic volume typically require more maintenance than smaller sites. We partner with WP Engine, a WordPress specific hosting company, who has implemented a number of extra features on their platform that come included with hosting fees.

SEO Best Practices

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Everyone wants their website ranked first on Google. You know a higher rank means more traffic. When developing websites, we follow best practices for search engine optimization including keyword use and placement, proper tags and titles, rich snippets, and meta data while our optimized hosting platform produces incredibly fast load time and stability.

Scaling & Expansion

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Many customers have evolving needs or want to gradually add to their website over time. For these customers, we offer per project pricing or flexible retainer payment options for short or long term projects. For those with scalable hosting needs, we offer monthly payment options based on the amount of bandwidth used and traffic your website receives.

Training & Consulting

Consulting - Apogee Design

We offer onsite or virtual training and consulting sessions for those who prefer to manage their own websites. We compose training sessions to suit your individual needs and to whether we’re training a single site manager or groups of contributors. Additionally, all customers are given access to our printable tutorials and premium video user guides in your website’s administration dashboard.

Brand Marketing Strategy

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Establishing a consistent, distinct brand for your business is critically important to continued success. When a customer sees your logo, it should instill feelings of protection, professionalism, and profitability in the mind of your potential customer. Having an incoherent brand confuses your customer and loses sales. Your image matters, so take hold of your brand.

Graphic Design

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Your brand reaches much further than your website. In addition to website related services, we offer our customers additional graphic design services such as business cards, brochures, signs, banners, flyers, templates, and promotional print pieces. All of these materials can be used as tools to generate leads and drive traffic to your website.

Content Creation

Content Creation - Apogee Design

We know it’s a chore to take time from your busy schedule to write copy for your website. With this in mind, we may conduct a short interview with you about your business to compose sales oriented content to publish on your website. Give us a call to learn more about our content creation options. We offer copywriting, photography and video production services.

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