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Common Website Features Checklist

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Common Website Features Checklist

By John Jenks 3 April 2013, 4:39PM

A website may be utilized for a wide range of purposes. Our customers sometimes overlook some of the most basic uses, so I’ve created a top 12 checklist of the most common standard features of the websites we have built.

Branding (Logo, Admin Panel, Favicon)

Although it almost goes without saying, it is critical to include your own branding on your website. The goal is to raise brand awareness, so the more often you can show your branding the better. Every website we build includes the company logo, a branded administration panel through which our customers edit their websites, and a favicon which is the small icon in the tab of your browser next to the title of the page.

Visual Aids (Slider, Photo Gallery, Portfolio, Video)

A website without visual aids is simple, plain, and boring. You may use a selection of photos and videos to spruce up your website and give your customers a visual representation of what you do. Through a slideshow on your Home page, photo or video galleries, and portfolio pages, we can display your media in a variety of ways.

Optimization for Popular Search Engines & Browsers

Perhaps two of the most frequent concerns of our customers is being found on search engines and having their website work on all browsers. We make every effort to keep this in mind when designing our websites, following Google’s web standards and creating a stylesheet optimized for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Social Media Integration (Buttons, Sharing)

In an increasingly connected world, social media use has skyrocketed. It’s no secret that your customers use social media to judge the companies they might use. It’s even more important to embrace social media through your website. Buttons linked to your social media pages are popular, but we can do even more. Blog commenting, sharing, and auto-posting are simple ways to intertwine social media into your marketing efforts.


One of the most basic functions of a website is a search feature which allows you to quickly find the content you need. Whether you have an extensive blog or documents customers will need to access, we integrate search into each and every website we build. If you need something more advanced, we are practiced in integrating Google’s advanced search on a specific website.

Events Calendar

Whether you own a business with specials, events, and discounts to advertise, or an organization who needs to communicate events to the community, events calendars can be used to fill different needs. Calendars can be customized to allow multiple users and can notify designated parties when new events are listed.

Contact Forms

Each website we design contains a basic contact form through which customers can contact the company. So much more can be communicated through contact forms. If you have registration forms, collect information for new customers, or have online applications, these can all be fluently embedded into the website for easy submission and collection of information.


Whether you have a special interest or want to publish content for search engine ranking purposes, each website we build comes with blog capabilities. We use the WordPress blogging framework which is easily customizable to fit your specific needs, topic and category structure, and ranks well in search engines.

Email Opt-in

All websites should contain some form of lead capture whether it is through a basic contact form, widget, or pop-up. Many customers who regularly post new blogs and those who have multiple lead capture microsites utilize the email opt-in to gather the names and email addresses of those who frequent the website or want additional information.

Google Maps

While not every business or organization has a bricks and mortar location, those who do can easily show their customers where they are located through embedding Google Maps into their website. Google Maps also may be programmed to provide directions from a specific location entered by the customer to the store location.

Appointment Scheduling

Taking phone calls and answering streams of email to make a simple appointment can be incredibly time consuming and prevent you from accomplishing more important tasks. Integrating an online form through which your customers may book appointments is a simple method of streamlining this process and freeing more of your time.


To use your website most effectively, you needs to know how much traffic your website is receiving, where the traffic is originating, what pages are being viewed, what people are searching and what links are being clicked. Each website comes equipped with an analytics platform intended to display this information in your administration dashboard.


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