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Apogee Quarterly Report – Q4 2012

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Apogee Quarterly Report – Q4 2012

By John Jenks 28 December 2012, 8:46AM

Quarterly Report

Apogee Design had an exciting final quarter of 2011. We launched five websites, published several blogs, and started working with a new designer and online marketing specialist. Read more about our recent work below!

Recent Launches


Apogee Design Systems - Kidd-Diamond

Kidd Diamond & the Devil

When Marie approached us about a blues-musical, we were excited about the idea. Kidd Diamond and the Devil was to be an original performance portraying our local history in a very interesting way. While they only needed a basic website to advertise the performance, the local flavor and artistic gateway gave us something to be excited about. We built Kidd Diamond using a single landing page which scrolls down to the other pages. We embedded a video preview from YouTube and several forms. Opening is scheduled for May 2013.


Apogee Design Systems - Vintage Vacuum Audio

Vintage Vacuum Audio

When Vintage Vacuum Audio was referred to us in 2012, I was immediately excited about this project. The owner/operator, a former music executive from New York who always had a hobby of restoring vintage audio equipment, had collected a full decade-worth of magazines from three different publications, scanned them, and wanted to add them to his new website. He’d previously hired someone to start the website, but they proved unable to complete the project as requested. We saw an opportunity to do some really cool things. We created a E-Commerce store with a customized administration panel which made it easy for him to self-manage the website. We consulted with him and trained him how to use the site. He also had a collection of magazines, ads, and manuals from the 1950′s and ’60′s in PDF form he wanted to include as an added value to his customers. He spent years collecting and scanning these for his own use, so we didn’t want to allow anyone to download them from his website. We took it upon ourselves to OCR each scan so the text would be readable and searchable, encrypted each scan to prevent downloads and theft of his collection, and integrated a customized Google search feature which was restricted to his website. Every word on every page would now be searchable, indexed by search engines, and safe to show the world. Through a series of slideshows, one could spend hours upon hours reading through the magazines and looking at old ads. It’s amazing how ads have changed in the last 50-60 years. You can visit his website at


Apogee Design Systems - Forest Meadows

Forest Meadows Homeowners Association

The Forest Meadows Homeowners Association approached us with a logo and the need of a basic website through which they could communicate with their community, distribute and collect forms, and list policies, minutes, and events. We customized the administration panel to show a tab for each section of their website so they could easily manage the content in-house. We embedded the forms, a map of the small, beautiful community, and created an events calendar. This small organization needed a simple method to communicate within their community and found that resource through their website.


Mortgage Loans Blog

I met Jo through the weekly networking and educational event, Talk Shoppe, in the summer of 2012. She approached me after one meeting with a common concern: spam was overtaking her blog so much so that she could barely navigate around it. She also has a radio show every Saturday morning on which she discussed real estate, mortgages, and investments. She knew these would be a great resource to include on her website, but didn’t know how with the website she had. We consulted with Jo and decided the best route would be to extract the meaningful content from her current website, delete the rest, and start over with a new website with a fresh design. In the process, we completely revamped the organization of the content, category structure, and page titles. We added a section for Podcasts and media, mortgage calculators, videos, and downloads. We optimized Jo’s website for search engines and we currently provide hosting and manage the blog.



MedWorks Memphis

MedWorks Memphis approached us with the simple need of an advertising brochure type website through which to communicate their services to the community. They received a free Flash website from AT&T when they purchased their cable and Internet, but wanted an updated website. The task was simple: create a professional website listing who we are, what we do, and where we are. We built them a WordPress website complete with their services, philosophy, a contact form, hours, and Google Maps directions.


Blog Campaigns


Outsourcing 101 – Why to Outsource your Design & Marketing Needs

I’m asked pretty frequently why someone shouldn’t try to do something themselves instead of paying a professional. This is my response.
1. Outsourcing is more efficient.
2. Professional quality means higher conversions.
3. Outsourcing means fewer expenses.