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Apogee Quarterly Report – Q3 2012

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Apogee Quarterly Report – Q3 2012

By John Jenks 10 October 2012, 2:37PM

Quarterly Report

The third quarter of 2012 was quite the ride. Apogee Design Systems greatly increased in size, as our average turnover for websites increased from one per month to three. Ranging from the basic online advertising brochure type website to the fully functional e-commerce website, we launched 9, with several more already near completion. Each project was unique, and we learned a great deal. Additionally, we’ve redesigned our website to offer a better presentation of our work and services we offer. Please be sure to look around and see all of the new changes!

Recent Launches


Apogee Design - Organize with Celeste

Organize with Celeste

We began the quarter on July 5th with a meeting with our friend, Celeste. She decided it was time to quit her job and start her own business, Organize with Celeste. We built a website for her professional organizing business, and optimized it for search engines. She has begun receiving traffic for her target keywords already, and is steadily growing her business.


Apogee Design - Homegrown Haute Cuisine

Homegrown Haute Cuisine

The second project was for another friend, Miles, who launched Homegrown Haute Cuisine. His goal was to begin making and selling food at local food markets, followed by organizing a food truck, and eventually to open a restaurant. For Miles, we built a responsive website optimized for search engines. Responsive means the website auto-formats to fit the screen from which its being viewed.


Apogee Design - Woodruff Family Dentistry

Woodruff Family Dentistry

Woodruff & Woodruff Family Dentistry is a dental office focusing on cosmetic, preventive dentistry, and restorative dentistry. This family operated office proved to be very professional, and I’m certain this reflects their practice. Previously, they had a Yellow Pages website ranking first in Google Search Results in their market. Woodruff Smiles is also a responsive website.


Apogee Design - Laura Boulden Styling

Laura Boulden Styling

Laura Boulden Styling was next. Laura Boulden is a freelance stylist and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She had a website through the school, but was ready to take the next step in marketing her freelance business. We designed a portfolio intensive website for Laura, and she is currently working in New York to increase visibility and gain more experience.


Apogee Design - Pickle's Auto Detailing

Pickle’s Auto Detailing

Our next launch was Pickle’s Auto Detailing. Our friend Jonathan Pickle recently started a car detailing business in Memphis. With only a one-time optimization of his website, he reached the top of the second page of search results and received two new customers within the first week of launch. He currently partners with several dealerships in the area while servicing a number of his own recurring customers.


Apogee Design - Celery Upscale Resale

Celery Upscale Resale

Celery Ladies’ Upscale Resale is a designer label only upscale women’s boutique in East Memphis. Leslie Acker Robison bought Celery in 2004 providing cosmetic improvements to the store and began offering top designer fashion for a fraction of retail prices. We built an optimized, responsive website for Celery. They are ranking first in search results for local consignment store keywords.


Apogee Design - Customs Cleared Company

Customs Cleared Company

Customs Cleared Co. is an national logistics brokerage house founded for importers and exporters who want to strengthen supply chain solutions through more cost effective transportation. Two of the most prominent features we built were a shipment tracking functionality and a portal for placing new shipments.


Apogee Design - Integrity Home Medical

Integrity Home Medical

Integrity Home Medical is a provider of medical equipment and supplies ranging from walkers to bed lifts and bath mats. We used this website as an opportunity to test our new method of presenting mock-ups. Our Apogee Client Portal will allow us to present each mock-up on a live website, so our customers will be able to see their website with full functionality.


Apogee Design - Deb Squared Design

Deb Squared Designs

Deb Squared Designs is an E-commerce website providing jewelry, fan chords, and other trinkets made with small rocks. This was our first implementation of E-commerce functionality, and was a good test for us in the order of handing off the website to our customer in the simplest form possible. We also customized the backend dashboard so that she could easily add and delete inventory.