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Apogee Quarterly Report – Q2 2013

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Apogee Quarterly Report – Q2 2013

By John Jenks 6 August 2013, 11:44AM

Quarterly Report

Apogee Design had an busy second quarter of 2013. The projects we were working on were much larger than many of our previous projects. We launched two websites, conducted several marketing campaigns, and began development of many more websites. We hired another part-time developer to assist with our ever-increasing workload. In addition to our client work, we have a number of other announcements to make about our own company. Read on to hear more about our recent work.

Recent Launches


Apogee Design - Robinson Archive

Robinson Archive was launched this quarter as our largest completed project to date. Robinson Archive is a responsive, 10,000+ product e-commerce website selling prints of celebrity photographs from the 50′s, 60′s & 70′s. We designed the new website with encrypted content, PayPal integration, user accounts, a tiered category structure with customizable search, and to work on mobile devices. This is the first of five websites we are redesigning for the Robinson Archive family of companies.


Apogee Design Systems - Building Bright Futures

Building Bright Futures

The University of Memphis approached us with the Building Bright Futures project. Building Bright Futures, a non-profit in Vermont, had a Joomla 1.5 website that hadn’t been updated in years. They needed an upgrade with a fresh design and content. Additionally, each of the 12 districts in Vermont needed their own sections through which they could update news and events. We upgraded the website, converted it to WordPress, added the new content, and created the regional sections.

Blog Campaigns


Types of Website Content

Types of Website Content

The primary purpose of any website is to communicate information to prospective customers. Whether you provide a service, products, or simply enjoy writing, you are communicating to the online world. Starting out, it’s very important to keep in mind that people in general are inherently very lazy.
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Website Features Checklist

Website Features Checklist

A website may be utilized for a wide range of purposes. Our customers sometimes overlook some of the most basic uses, so I’ve created a top 10 checklist of the most common features of the websites we have built. Give the article a glance to see some of the things you could be doing with your website.
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New Apogee Features


New Hosting Provider

We have upgraded to a better hosting provider, so we can provide our customers with more secure, faster, and better maintained websites.


Apogee Resources

We have integrated a new section into our website for our customers’ convenience. Included in this new section are an Appointment Scheduling and Ticketing System, a Glossary and HTML reference guide, video user guides, information on our Apogee Customer Rewards and Referral programs, and several other resources. Our goal is to provide our customers with as many tools as possible to manage their own websites and marketing. We want to enable our customers to better promote their own business.


Apogee Sales Materials

We’ve been approached frequently over the first half of this year by individuals and agencies interested in our referral and sales policies. In response, I composed a booklet with all the information needed for those interested in a sales or referral relationship with our company including details on our services, processes, and payment structure. If you are interested in more information, give me a call at 901-387-9205.