The first question customers normally ask is how much the project is going to cost. While there are a very high number of services we can perform, it usually comes down to what you need. The best way to approach this question is to discuss with us your priorities, your wish list, and your list of those items you know you don’t want. Then we may engage in conversation about how to budget for the items you must have.
Typically, the number of pages, media (photos, videos, audio files), overall storage size, website traffic, features, and additional services we perform for you are the greatest determinants of cost.
The website development process follows several general steps: Design, Development, Troubleshooting, and Launch. During the design stage, we provide a mockup in PDF form and gain our customers’ approval. Then we move to the development stage, and we provide a link to our online staging server where the customer may view the interactive site before it goes live on the domain name. Troubleshooting and launch takes about a week and we review the site for errors before launching the website on the domain name. Generally, we allow bug fixes for up to two weeks after launch.
Each customer will work with the same account manager throughout the duration of the project that he or she worked with through the sales process. The account manager will act as liaison between the customer and the development team.
Many of our customers choose to manage their own website, so we optimize each administration dashboard for easy navigation and usability. For those customers who do not wish to manage their website, we offer ongoing management and support options.
Yes, you may opt to schedule an online training session with the team upon the completion of your website. Additionally, we install written and video user manuals within the administration dashboard of all customers’ websites. An extensive FAQ section may be found on our support desk at
All designs are custom made for each project. We strive to incorporate existing branding, sales materials, and customer preferences into our design work. Each website is then molded to fit the needs of our customers.
Before beginning development of a website, we work with the customer to determine the goals of the website as well as the intended target market. After this discussion, we perform research into the keywords, market, metrics, and competition.
You may include the following features on your website: Responsive Design, Inclusion of Branding, Optimization for Search Engines and Current Browsers, Media, Google Maps, Social Media Integration, Administration Dashboard, Analytics, Video and Written User Manuals, Contact Forms, Events Calendar, Blog, RSS Feed, Lead Capture, and Search.
There are more services we can provide than we can concisely list here. Some of the more popular ‘add-on’ requests we receive include the following: E-Commerce, Integration, SSL Installation, User Portal, Point of Sale Integration, File Upload, Live Chat Support, Content Encryption, Ticketing System Integration, and Domain Registration.
As an added value to our customers, we provide the following graphic design services customers: Logos, Business Cards, Sales Brochures, Letterhead, Envelopes, Email Templates, Invoice Templates, Vehicle Wraps, Shirts and Apparel, Stamps, Banners, Signs, and Social Media Skins.
Although each company will have different requirements to reach their customers, we find that a responsive website design fits the needs of most small and medium sized businesses. A responsive website detects the size of the screen from which it is being viewed and automatically organized the content in such a way that it fits the screen of the device.
We follow current best practices for SEO in website development including keyword research, metadata composition, header tags, alt tags, media optimization, etc.
We do not normally provide ongoing online marketing services, but we have made exceptions in some cases.
We are able to integrate social media into a website in the following ways: buttons linked to Social Media profiles, sign into the website with Facebook or Twitter, sharing buttons, automatic posting of blog entries to social media profiles, and use of the APIs provided by each of the social media platforms.
We have worked extensively with WordPress, but we are also familiar with Joomla, Drupal, Concrete 5, and Magento.
We use WordPress’s built-in statistics platform, but we are experienced with Google Analytics, as well.
We are familiar with the most common email-marketing platforms including aWeber, Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp, Salsa Labs, and Get Response.
We optimize for the most up-to-date browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer 8+.
We do not normally provide content creation services, but we have made exceptions in some cases requiring copywriting services. We do, however, have partnerships with copywriters, video production companies, and photographers to whom we are happy to refer you.
Very small websites may take 2-4 weeks, but the majority of the websites range from 6-10 weeks. The amount of content, media, pages, and add-ons are the determining factors of development time.
Our milestones typically fall within the stages of website development: Design, Development, Troubleshooting, and Launch. During the design stage, we provide a mockup in PDF form and gain our customers’ approval. Then we move to the development stage, and we provide a link to our online staging server where the customer may view the interactive site before it goes live on the domain name. Troubleshooting and launch takes about a week and we review the site for errors before launching the website on the domain name. Generally, we allow bug fixes for up to two weeks after launch.
The number of revisions allowed typically depends on the size of the project. Revisions may be dictated by a specific number of revisions or a specific amount of time dedicated to performing revisions. This is to be decided before the agreement is made and work begins.
Yes, you may view our most recent work on our portfolio at
You may view a case study for each website we have launched on our online portfolio at, and you may read several testimonials from our satisfied customers at
Yes. Once we have a full understanding of the scope of work the customer desires, we compose a proposal including the terms of the project. Once agreed upon, the terms are transferred to an Independent Contractor’s Agreement that is to be signed by both parties.
Smaller projects may be required to pay all fees upfront, but most projects require 50% at the start and the remaining 50% upon completion. The deposit usually covers any general project expenses, but larger expenses require reimbursement. Some projects may be allowed to set a weekly or monthly budget.
Generally, yes. We have found that many of the available hosting providers require upgraded accounts and restrict access to areas we need to fully develop and support a website. We offer multiple options for hosting, preventative maintenance, and support for our customers. We take great pride in the websites we build, and we want each to remain beautiful and fully-functional.
Included in your hosting and maintenance payment are the following: hosting, monitoring, daily backups with one-click restore points, caching, use of a content delivery network, a firewall, malware scanning, core and plugin updates, and two hours of miscellaneous maintenance or management. These features are subject to change due to availability.
Typical hosting and maintenance fees are paid quarterly. We reward annual payments and ACH payment authorization each with an annual discount. Most websites may be paid up to three years in advance. Significantly smaller or larger than the average websites, in size or traffic, may be required to pay proportionate fees less than or greater than those of an average website.
We require notice of at least one payment period to upgrade or cancel an account. We do not provide refunds for advance payments on cancellations, but we will prorate advance payments towards an upgrade.
Customers may submit a support ticket on our support desk at You will receive a response within 24 hours. Please provide all relevant login credentials, descriptions, screenshots, error messages, or other pertinent information we will need to provide adequate support. The majority of support requests are completed within one business week of submission.
If we host and support your website, you should call your account manager immediately. A compromised website receives top priority support, and the customer will not be charged to restore the website. We take daily backups of the website, so the website will be restored to the most recent, non-compromised backup.
Once the customer has paid all fees and expenses, we forfeit all proprietary rights and associated materials to the customer. If the customer refuses payment for authorized labor or expenses, the customer forfeits his or her right to ownership until payment is made.
You may request specific or all relevant graphics and files by creating a support ticket at We will email you or provide you with a link to obtain the files. Please provide the specific format(s) you require.
Although disagreements are very rare, processes should be in place in the unlikely occurrence that one happens. If a website project is still in the design stages, the customer may in some cases be allowed to forfeit the deposit and nullify the contract. Once both parties have agreed on the mockup, the customer must provide reimbursement for all expenses and may be billed hourly for time not covered by the deposit.
Since our business is technically a service business, you are not required to pay taxes on our work. If we purchase a product for you such as a domain name, business cards, or other tangible product, taxes are priced into your fees.
A website is considered a business expenses, so you are authorized to write off 100% off our fees and expenses on your taxes. We encourage all of our customers to take advantage of the opportunity to do so. At the end of the year, we will provide you with our tax ID number upon request so you may properly file your taxes.
Yes, we have worked with clients ranging from New York to California to Florida, as well as many who are local to the Memphis region and surrounding areas.
We are happy to reward those of our customers who reward us with their loyalty and referrals. Our typical referral reward is the choice between a $150 discount on the next hosting and maintenance bill or a check in the amount of $100. This is subject to change dependent upon the size of the referred project.
We are growing and always looking for qualified applicants. Whether you are in the field of design and development or sales and marketing, we would love to hear from you. Please create a submission through our contact form for more information.
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