A Little About Us

We are a group of individuals who believe that with a strong work ethic, we can make a difference. We strive to be professional, creative, and efficient in all that we do. Each member of our team contributes in his unique way, and our personalities are complementary of each other. While some may choose to work through the night, some work normal business hours. While some lend a creative, artistic ability, some provide sustainable direction and stability.

During the second half of 2010, the state of our local economy was a common topic of discussion among my group of friends. Many of us were recent graduates entering the job force when most businesses could barely afford to stay open, much less hire new employees. After much discussion, our solution was we would help to promote those small businesses around us that our local economy needs to survive. With each project we seek to under promise and over deliver.

“We found our skills were complementary to each other’s. I have a sales background, William has his degree in design and Britt has been in IT services since we were kids. We’ve all been in leadership positions our entire lives, so we wanted to use our knowledge and experience to make an impact on our local economy.”

– Austin Tutor – Founder

Apogee Design has been in business since January, 2011.

Our Skills

Online Marketing & SEO
Adobe Creative Suite
Sales & Marketing


Austin Tutor

SEO Engineer

Online Marketing & SEO
Online Strategy
Business Development
Sales & Marketing
Business Networking

Austin Tutor is the head of business development for Apogee Design. From a young age, Austin was active in the community, volunteering for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Service Over Self, and multiple youth groups. Austin attended Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN, where he played four varsity sports while working part time. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree, he combined his knowledge from managerial positions at work, leadership positions at school and in the community, and personal business interests to start Apogee Design.



Social Media Specialist

Vanessa is the lead social media specialist for Apogee Design. Vanessa has planned and executed social media strategies which have resulted in many successful social media campaigns for Memphis, TN area companies.

Online Sales & E-Commerce
Social Media Marketing
Facebook Ads
Google Organic SEO
Business Networking



Project Manager

Lead Generation
Business Administration
Sales & Marketing
Start-Ups & Business Development

Natalie is the project manager for Apogee Design. She manages and oversees the successful completion of all projects for Apogee Design.



Lead Developer

Andrew is the lead designer and web developer for Apogee Design. Raised in Memphis TN, Andrew attended White Station High School focusing primarily in the creative arts and learning computer programming. Andrew began work at Apogee Design shortly after attending the University of Memphis while studying in the Computer Science Department. Andrew has continued to build experience through his position, building over 60 websites in the last four years.

Wordpress Development
Adobe Creative Suite
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